Damien Pollard
Video production for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry
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I started out as a freelance filmmaker in late 2008, after a stint as a production assistant at an independent film production company in Soho, London. At first I did a lot of work for social and market research companies, but before long I had begun doing more and more projects in the healthcare sector, making films for patient support materials, corporate communications, and training events. Soon, I had developed strong relationships with a number of healthcare organisations and communications agencies, and was making films exclusively for this market, telling the stories of patients, physicians and KOLs in inventive and effective ways.

Filmmaking in the healthcare sector is unique in its demands. As a professional I observe the necessary legal and regulatory obligations, whilst always remaining focussed on my ethical and personal obligations towards the patients and physicians that I’m privileged to meet. Over dozens of projects I have built up invaluable experience in these areas, experience that has won me a collection of fantastic and loyal clients.

I’ve also made several documentaries, in a variety of styles. One of my films was screened at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Central London in 2013.

I now have a small network of specialists, from translators to DVD authors, that I bring in to assist me where necessary. Aside from our creativity and diligence, I believe my team and I have a few key strengths:

  • We understand our clients’ world, because it’s our world too. Working with approval processes and contributing to adverse event reporting (not to mention approaching all patients and physicians with total respect, compassion and sensitivity) is second nature to us.
  • We’re a boutique – we’re small, we can act fast and we’re flexible. We’re equally adept working with the NHS and with small communications start-ups.
  • I take the lead on all of our projects. I can always be reached directly and am always accountable for our work. I’ll always go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure a project exceeds its targets.

I believe our Testimonials page underlines these claims.

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